Hammer while the Harley angrily told Batman to leave Joker alone

Hammer while the Harley angrily told Batman to leave Joker alone

Once searching for and you may rescuing Stacy, Batman broke through the doorways of your Manager’s Office having a good crane link that with his REC, however, was dropped by Mr. Just after Batman beat Mr. Hammer and many most other thugs, he heard Harley scream inside pain when he grappled up, and discovered this lady from the an evidently deceased Joker. Just after Batman pushed Harley away and Read Joker, she asked as to the reasons he had been therefore imply, and therefore remaining your open to a knock-out gasoline attack by the Joker, which advised your that he “decrease towards the dated fake Joker fun!” Once the Batman reeled regarding the gas and you may decrease to their knee joints, Harley contacted that have a basketball Bat, said: “Batter upwards!” and you will kicked your out once around three hits.

From the Monarch Movies, Harley and you may Joker’s thugs was external looking forward to Joker becoming immortal, nonetheless as an alternative discover Batman carrying Joker’s dead looks and the horrified Harley fell so you’re able to her knees, mourned his death, and you can wanted to avenge the woman boyfriend and you may mate

Just like the Batman awoke, Harley achieved to own their mask and wished understand the man at the rear of the fresh bat, however, Joker called the lady back. Harley complained, and Joker caused it to be clear you to: “No your who you imagine he or she is” and you will she sullenly waited as he spoke to help you Batman.

Harley, discover of the Batman fastened and you may gagged in order to a pole because of the Talia al Ghul about Assembly-line during the Steel Factory.

If you’re Batman and you may Mr. Frost had been assaulting in the dated GCPD Strengthening, the newest answer to the brand new Titan Situation try taken because of the Harley and you can Batman chased after her.

Yet not, when Batman discover Harley throughout the Assembly-line on Steel Mill, she is taped so you can a pole and choked which have duct recording with no treat coming soon. Whenever Batman drawn the newest recording off, Harley angrily complained, and you can said that she wouldn’t cam, specifically throughout the Freeze’s equipment that Joker got stolen and you may stashed for the the new Boiler Place. Harley are afterwards found getting come tied up because of the Talia al Ghul, exactly who took the brand new beat straight back off the girl.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge Event

Following the Joker’s death, Harley turned significantly more psychotic and you may tough, and you can managed to struck worry and regard to your Joker’s dated henchmen, who’d in earlier times viewed the lady as the a good inadequate bimbo. She is actually proven to be constantly mourning, donned a deep dress, and often cried. Harley’s bursts out-of nervousness lead this lady to help you eliminate a beneficial henchman during the random and you can as opposed to to-be mad at henchmen after they made a ticket at the the woman (as the she had constantly over in advance of Joker’s dying), she became infuriated and murderous, and declared that they should not you will need to entice “a great widow.”

2 weeks pursuing the Arkham Area Incident, Harley broke from the short term carrying facility you to she was within the and you may hatched a plan to kill Batman and avenge the Joker. She reformed new Joker’s old group and you may even with 1st conference opposition from Joker’s dated crew, the girl the fresh, far more cruel, and more psychotic identification confident them to register the lady. As part of their bundle, Harley kidnapped multiple police officers and locked him or her out throughout the Material Mill. Batman was sent in to store the fresh hostages, however, is actually seized because of the Harley, which secured him within a massive sculpture of Joker inside shrine you to she had designed for your.

Two days after, Robin went along to the fresh Metal Factory to look for his coach. After seeking Batman’s Power Buckle from the Facility, Robin decided to go to the fresh Shipyard, in which Harley was holed right up. Around, he discover Batman on Joker Sculpture and found he expected Harley’s supply the answer to free him. Robin located Harley and defeated Her Thugs ahead of the guy fought the lady. Whether or not Harley proved to be a tricky challenger, Robin eventually beaten their and you will took away her access secret in advance of the guy left the woman clinging inverted out of a good catwalk.

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