Mike and Alice altered the arrangements toward nights

Mike and Alice altered the arrangements toward nights

changes (AWL ter) vt. step 1. resulting in to switch in detail but not into the compound; modify; 2. when planning on taking components of a scarf and you can resew her or him to possess a finest fit; step three. to neuter (a pet) -vi. to evolve; end up being various other • • • •

Ralph is roofed among followers of one’s president

The fresh new personalize needed to change the gown making it complement The month of january best. Improve your pet to keep off a keen overpopulation from strays. Brand new Fab Five altered Al’s version of dress and his awesome life. [-ed, -ing, alteration letter.] [Syn. transform, vary]

regardless if (awl THOH) conj. the actual fact that; granting you to definitely; though • Mike seated right down to dinner, although he had taken less than half-hour in advance of. • Regardless of if Mary advertised to not care for opera, she needed to accept your music of Il Trovatore was exceptional. altruism (AL troo i zm) n. unselfish matter to own others’ really-becoming www.datingranking.net/local-hookup/boise • It must be altruism plus courage one to brought about Maria to perform to your burning family so you’re able to save yourself the brand new whining kid. • It’s strange observe a situation from absolute altruism, where there is no notion of personal get. [altruist n.] [Syn. selflessness]

ambiguous* (in the morning Big yoo uhs) adj. step one. with one or more it is possible to definition; dos. unclear; vague; long • The 3rd feet coach’s not clear indicators remaining the brand new batter unsure whether to move out or bunt. • Roxane is unknown in her own directions getting giving new pet if you’re she are aside. [-ly adv., -ness, ambiguity letter., ambiguities pl.] [Syn. obscure]

ambivalence (am BIV uh lens) letter. that have contradictory attitude on the a man otherwise situation in one go out, particularly like and you can hate • Karen had a bona fide ambivalence on are enjoy so you can Brother Bob’s cabin; she appreciated seeing but disliked the brand new four-hours journey. • David displayed ambivalence throughout the helping artichokes because the, while they are delicious, they are an aches to set up.

amenity (uh People i tee) letter. step one. exciting top quality; attractiveness; dos. an enjoyable otherwise popular element; something increases an individual’s spirits -pl. the new courteous manners and you can charming serves out-of respectful personal choices • New warm scenery is only one amenity out-of The state. • Hawaii’s temperature is an extra amenity of your lay. • The fresh new restaurant’s host and you may hostesses presented all of the features you might predict at those cost. [facilities pl.]

Small Review #5 Satisfy the term of line 2 towards keyword out of line step 1 meaning most nearly the exact same thing. step one. contract

In the midst of; in the middle of; included in a small grouping of; dos

friendly (In the morning i kuh bl) adj. impression amicable; indicating goodwill; peaceable • Alice and her spouse Ted got a friendly dialogue about placing inside a rose garden regarding spring. • Bob and you may Carol icability n.]

certainly one of (uh MUHNG) preparing. 1. of spot to place in; step three. on the matter or selection of; cuatro. by the or with plenty of • • • •

amorphous (uh MAWR fuhs) adj. step one. not having definite setting; shapeless; 2. off no particular form of; anomolous; step three. indefinite; unclear • Sulfur are a red-colored, nonmetallic feature that’s utilized in crystal and you will amorphous variations. • To just one unacquainted the game regarding rugby, the online game seems to be governed of the amorphous regulations. • Whenever Gino attempted to pin Hailee down seriously to a specific big date, most of the he may get regarding the lady are an amorphous reaction. [amorphously adv.]

amphibian (was FIB ee dentro de) n. 1. any of a course away from cool-blooded vertebrates versus scales (and additionally frogs, newts, salamanders, and you will toads) you to begins existence having gills, residing the water, and soon after increases lung area; dos. one bush otherwise creature that is home one another into the house along with liquids; step 3. people aircraft or vehicles that may run on house plus in water • This is simply not uncommon discover amphibians near a great pond. • Early Pan american Airways Clippers were amphibians one to stacked and unloaded the passengers to your homes but became popular out of and you can arrived on the drinking water. [amphibious adj.]

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